Ship Technical Info


Lion Shipping possesses a propelled cargo ship called the Lion Danube (105 x 9.5 x 2.8). Maximum load of MS-Danube Lion is 2008t at draft of 2.8 meters. MS Danube Lion is registered in the Register of Ships in Duisburg, where the company headquarters is and it is flying the German flag.

  • MS Danube Lion / 04033880
  • Flag: Germany
  • Capacity: 2008t
  • Year: 1926/85
  • Dimensions: 105 x 9,5 x 2,8
  • 1.8 m at 1068t
  • 2,0 m at 1250t
  • 2,1 m at 1342t
  • 2,3 m at 1526t
  • 2,4 m at 1618t
  • 2,5 m at 1711t
  • 2,8 m at 2008t
    • one cargo space new aluminum on the trolley system (7.5 x 80 m)
    • cargo space dimensions: 80 x 9.5 m
    • hole in the emptiness of 7.59 x 80 m
    • volume of cargo space: 2600 m3
    • 3 rows of containers in width, 13 in length and 3 rows in height (20‘)
    • main engine power: 1200 hp CAT
    • additional bow thruster: 360 hp VOLVO
    • height of the steeringhouse from floor: 6 m

    MS Danube Lion has horns and has approval for pushing a barge. It is very convenient to transport oversized cargo, due to the specificity of cargo space, which is 80 meters in length (hole in the emptiness of 7.5 m)


    MS Danube Lion is equipped with new and modern equipment, which among other things gives it the ability to lift the required height of the steeringhouse (pilothouse) driving 3 rows of containers in height. Another advantage of MS Danube Lion are new aluminum lids that provide unconditional protection of goods against moisture and other external influences. Also, MS Danube Lion has the GMP certification for the transport of livestock feed.