About us

Lion Shipping is a very young but promising company that was founded in the summer of 2011 in Duisburg (GER).

Very fast, Lion Shipping has become a synonym for river shipping, which is the main field of expertise in this company.

Lion Shipping possesses a propelled cargo ship called the Lion Danube (105 x 9.5 x 2.8). Maximum load of MS-Danube Lion is 2008t at draft of 2.8 meters. MS Danube Lion is registered in the Register of Ships in Duisburg, where the company headquarters is and it is flying the German flag.

MS Danube Lion has horns and has approval for pushing a barge.
It is very convenient to transport oversized cargo, due to the specificity of cargo space, which is 80 meters in length (hole in the emptiness of 7.5 m).

MS Danube Lion is equipped with new and modern equipment, which among other things gives it the ability to lift the required height of the steeringhouse (pilothouse) driving 3 rows of containers in height.
Another advantage of MS Danube Lion are new aluminum lids that provide unconditional protection of goods against moisture and other external influences. Also, MS Danube Lion has the GMP certification for the transport of livestock feed.

Lion Shipping offers different kinds of transportation of:

  • Bulk (dry) load: (cereals, construction materials, industrial raw materials, fertilizers)
  • Oversized (special) cargo: (parts for windmills)
  • General cargo: (sheets for the automobile industry, construction equipment)
  • container

Your goods are in the hands of a professional crew, with years of experience, who possesses all the necessary licenses for sailing from the Black Sea to ports in the Netherlands.

In addition, MS Danube Lion of the Lion Shipping Company owns the Danube and Rhine patent, which means you can sail upstream to the ports of Western Europe, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and downstream to the Black Sea.

If you are wondering what the security and guarantees are, Lion Shipping owns all legally required insurance and additional insurance of P&I Club.

Start your voyage with us, we guarantee you a safe and speedy transportation of your goods to the desired destination.
Discover why many companies have placed their trust to us.